tattoos/ - Corpse Bride Tattoo  tattoos/ - Alcatraz flower with pink ribbon  tattoos/ - Gir reporting for duty! tattoos/ - Dia De Los Dead Gatos  tattoos/ - Tin man portrait tattoos/ - Hootin Owl tattoos/ - Snow White  tattoos/ - Roaring Tiger Tattoo 

Original Art

tattoos/ - Done Painting tattoos/ - Would you work for me Oiujia Board? tattoos/ - permanent smile  tattoos/ - There has been a Grave Misunderstanding... tattoos/ - Batman Forever Vans tattoos/ - Frankenweenie Movie Vans tattoos/ - Frankenweenie Movie Vans tattoos/ - Jack Skellington & Sally Custom Vans Shoes 

Tattoo Machines

tattoos/ - Wrenchy liner and shader  tattoos/ - Flat Black Boogie tattoos/ - Minty Liner tattoos/ - Custom Fred Perry Tattoo Machine