About Edgar

Edgar Armendariz was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and grew up with a passion for art, movies, music, cars, and metal fabricating. Throughout high school, the majority of his class notes contained more drawings than anything to do with what was written on the white board, and at 18 he realized college wasn't the path for him.

Right out of high school, Edgar began getting tattooed by artist Caleb Forbis. The more tattoos Edgar got, the more interested he became in how tattooing worked. He tried to learn all he could from Caleb about tattooing technique and how the machines worked while getting tattooed by Caleb, but his opportunity to try tattooing first-hand came when a friend left his tattooing equipment at Edgar's place. Another friend decided he wanted his first tattoo, and Edgar felt he knew enough about tattooing to give it a shot. As rough as it came out, that first tattoo was the spark that lit the flame for Edgar's passion in the art of tattooing. After high school, Edgar began working as a weldor and decided to use his knowledge of welding to try building his own tattoo machine. He put together a frame and brought it to Caleb, who helped him finish the machine. Soon after, Caleb began using Edgar's machine to tattoo Edgar, as well as his own clients. This is when Caleb realized that Edgar wasn't some kid who wanted to tattoo because it was cool: he was dedicated to becoming a great tattooer and had some serious potential. So when Caleb opened his own shop in 2009, Timeless Tattoo in Hollywood, CA, he offered Edgar an apprenticeship. Edgar tattooed under the expert instruction of Caleb for a year before completing his training and moving on to tattoo at Kathouse Ink in April of 2010.

Today, Edgar lives in Odessa,Texas and frequents back to Los Angeles,CA. He spends most of his time tattooing, painting, drawing and creating custom shoes. His tattooing style is limitless: he likes to float around and try different styles, and loves putting his own twist into pieces. He enjoys a good challenge when it comes to tattooing and is committed to giving his clients tattoos they will love for a lifetime.

Aside from tattooing, Edgar enjoys painting using watercolor and oil and sells his art, along with custom Vans and apparel. He is dedicated to constantly improving his artistic abilities and he tries to paint or draw something every day to keep his style fresh. He also continues to build custom tattoo machines for his own use and enjoys traveling to tattoo conventions to learn new techniques, get exposure for his work, and to find inspiration from other talented artists.

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“Tattooing is a passion worth eternity”

-Edgar Armendariz